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Flying Silhouettes by Xistense


On the day of the new Radiohead album release, ‘The King of Limbs’, they have presented their fans with the video of one of the tracks on YouTube. ‘Lotus Flower’ is…how to put it…interesting?! The album is slightly more in the direction of Thom Yorke’s 2006 solo album, ‘The Eraser’, which pleases me. Radiohead seem to be the musical equivalent of Marmite, but love them or hate them they are always different and pushing the boundaries in music.

‘Lotus Flower’ has many layers of music to it, and a couple really stood out for me. Watching the YouTube link below will also help establish reasoning. Firstly, the vocals of Thom Yorke, plus a feeling of air after the drums hit, create a sense of flying and space. Then you have a dominant element of clapping throughout, which for me always brings back childhood, and games on the school playground. The image I found while browsing encapsulates both these elements, and I really like the way the lighting feels intense. I found this on Xistense’s page (which you click on below), and he certainly deserves a lot of credit!

Radiohead info on: YouTube Video, The King of Limbs, Official Site

Xistense info on: deviantART, Personal Site