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Auckland by Shutong Jiang

Stay+ – Scum

One of my favourite acts right now are Stay+, formerly known as ChristianAIDS (until a certain charity took offence). I’m tipping them to be one of the big new dance acts to come out of the UK this year. There are a few tracks up on their bandcamp site, and even a few remixes they’ve done, all worth a listen. I’ve picked out ‘Scum’ as it’s the kind of song I’d like to hear in a club or a good old-fashioned rave (speaking as if I’m a pensioner, which I am). Matching this up, I’ve came across this shot taken at the main gate of Auckland War Museum in New Zealand by Shutong Jiang. Using time exposure, I love the way he captures the stars against the expression of the statue. The music has a night/space feeling that brings the photograph to life. You can find out more on both artists via links below…

Stay+ info: Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Facebook

Shutong Jiang info: DeviantART


Alienation by Graziano Panfili

Metronomy – The Bay


A very quick post to acknowledge what is my favourite song of 2011 so far. The Bay by Metronomy is a stand-out track from their third album ‘The English Riviera.’ The song has a futuristic sound to it, but also one that reminds me of 80’s electronica. I found the Alienation project by Graziano Panfili, and it seems to grasp what I was looking for in a match. Much more information on both artists below…

Metronomy info: Main Site, Myspace, Buy on iTunes,, Twitter, Facebook

Graziano Panfili info: Main Site, Premioceleste 

Indian Goat by Mark Smart

One of the best albums you’ll hear this year, ‘Mind Bokeh’, is due out in the UK on April 4th. Not your household name, Stephen Wilkinson a.k.a. Bibio, has produced something special that deserves the kind of success akin to Mylo’s ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’. The selected track, ‘Take Off Your Shirt’, is as a wise friend told me, “what you expect to hear on a Vauxhall/Citreon advert by the summer.” I expect he’s right, because the song has all the similar qualities of Phoenix (listen to them if you haven’t already, they’re like music dynamite, and French).

A track of such awesomeness deserves an image of similar quality. Therefore, GOAT! Here’s my reasoning (as if you needed it). I think the goat in this image by Mark Smart (taken in India) has a bulk of attitude as it stares down the camera lens. It’s the kind of goat you expect to make a guest appearance in The Sopranos, taking down mafia with only a cardigan and a stare. Give the goat a guitar and a microphone and it’s perfect for the song. Make sure to pick up a copy of the album, have a look at Mark’s photography website, and stay away from any goats wearing a cardigan…

Bibio info: Buy on iTunesMyspace,, Facebook

Mark Smart info: Photography Site

New Year in Seattle by Siddhartha Saha


Upon listening, Teenage Bad Girl are what you expect them to be… French. But of course this is a good thing, as they have brought us the likes of Air and Daft Punk. The latter being of significant comparison, with a hint of Justice in there for good measure. What makes Teenage Bad Girl stand out from the rest of the crowd is the ability to constantly churn out tracks that will get a club crowd on the dancefloor. ‘Keep Up With You’ does exactly that, with a nice vocal on top. Expect a new album very soon.

‘Keep Up With You’, like most dance and electro songs, have a night feeling to them, and the club lighting also associated. I went looking for some club shots and nothing really stuck out. I then went back to basics and remembered a shot I saw in the latest National Geographic magazine by Siddhartha Saha. He won the reader’s choice selection for the month for his photograph of the Perseid meteor shower. I had a good look at his own site and discovered this photograph in Seattle at New Year. The fireworks give both the night and light feel I was looking for. The kind of party that Teenage Bad Girl are looking for!

Teenage Bad Girl info on: Myspace

Siddhartha Saha info on: Main Site, Photo Blog

Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, 2009

Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, 2009

To call Yayoi Kusama outlandish would be unfair… She’s more than that! Famous for her polka dot art and installations, she provides colour and light to what can be quite a dark a dreary world. This particular piece is extremely simple with use of mirrors and lanterns, but is still so effective.

The music to match this would have to be by Cut Copy. They’re a fantastic electronic group from Australia, whose latest album ‘Zonoscope’ has just been released. I was a big fan of their previous album ‘In Ghost Colours’, and the song I’ve selected is a remix by Moulinex of an album track.

More info on: Yayoi Kusama

More info on: Cut Copy