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Balloon by Celil Sezer


A name which is sure to be big in 2011 is Benjamin Francis Leftwich. He has the kind of voice that will be successful in Britain (already picking up a lot of airplay from the main radio stations), but also one that can succeed over in the States. Comparisons to Jose Gonzales and Elliot Smith are not far off the mark either. The simple and subtle guitar riffs of all his songs on the internet so far seem to hook you in each time. This can only be a good thing with his debut album ‘Bleeps’ due out soon. The latest single ‘Pictures’ is released on March 7th in the UK.

The lyrics in ‘Pictures’ are quite dark at times, which is juxtaposed with the bright guitar repeating behind Benjamin’s vocals. A word that sprang to mind for me while listening was hope, and the idea of joy in a picture. So whilst browsing I came across this photograph ‘Balloon’ by Celil Sezer, which was perfect. It was taken in Istanbul by Celil, who photographs Turkish street culture and life superbly.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich info on: Myspace, Official Site

Celil Sezer info on: deviantART, Personal Site