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Urban Frontier by Gary Stubelick


Alex Winston is a singer-songwriter from Detroit, who is being tipped by many as someone to look out for in 2011. Her vocals are very reminiscent of Kate Bush, which can only be a good thing. Behind it on her latest track, ‘Locomotive’, is an upbeat pop tempo that might just push her into some more (much deserved) radio airplay. Currently touring in America, she hits UK shores in mid-May.

Locomotive is happy/bouncy. And to be honest, I don’t usually associate trains with both those words. I’ve been on too many! National Geographic once again was a great resource for finding an appropriate picture though. I found ‘Urban Frontier’ by Gary Stubelick on the Top Shots site (link below). The shot captures the upbeat nature of the song with the sparklers and light. Also, the idea of moving in the song is matched by the bike itself. “I like to utilize common objects to create an extraordinary event,” says Stubelick, who used sparklers and a prolonged exposure to “paint” this bicycle and stairs with light. Gary has used this theme on many more objects and vehicles to great success.¬†You can find out more about the featured artists below…

Alex Winston info on: Myspcace,, Buy on iTunes

Gary Stubelick info on: NG Top Shot, deviantArt


Bali Beach Party by Dollydaydream


Perhaps one of the most underrated bands around right now are Cold War Kids. Hailing from Long Beach, California, these guys have put out a couple of great albums over recent years. Most notably their newest, ‘Mine Is Yours’, which if you don’t have already, go buy it now! The track I’ve picked out from that album is ‘Finally Begin’, and can be described as something you’d expect to be on The O.C. soundtrack. They’re currently in the UK touring (I’m seeing them myself in London), and really are worth my fuss!

As mentioned, this song has a real Californian vibe to it. I’m thinking beaches, parties, the ocean, and maybe the odd dash of alcohol. Lights feel important, especially in the lyrics, so I went looking for some kind of sunset, beach, nightlife selection for an image. I found this, ‘Bali Beach Party’, by Phil (a.k.a. Dollydaydream) from the West Midlands of the UK. It features all that I was looking for (minus the alcohol), and importantly, the only thing that has been tampered with from the original is a bit of contrast. Perfect! Check out Phil and Cold War Kids below…

Cold War Kids info on: Official Site, Myspace, Buy on iTunes

Dollydaydream info on: deviantART

Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, 2009

Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity, 2009

To call Yayoi Kusama outlandish would be unfair… She’s more than that! Famous for her polka dot art and installations, she provides colour and light to what can be quite a dark a dreary world. This particular piece is extremely simple with use of mirrors and lanterns, but is still so effective.

The music to match this would have to be by Cut Copy. They’re a fantastic electronic group from Australia, whose latest album ‘Zonoscope’ has just been released. I was a big fan of their previous album ‘In Ghost Colours’, and the song I’ve selected is a remix by Moulinex of an album track.

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