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Man VS Wild by Bob Barker

Andrew Bird – Eyeoneye

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Serge Roetheli Running In Africa

Kankouran – Rivers

In February of 2000 Serge Roetheli and his wife Nicole, began a journey of epic proportion, which took them across five continents over a five-year period. He ran at a pace of 7000 km (4,375 miles) per year while she rode a motorcycle by his side. 

They hoped to increase public awareness of the plight of children around the world. The couple’s impetus was to promote children’s rights worldwide and to help finding effective ways to defend their rights and building support for their cause. 

They logged 40,000 km (25,000 miles) by foot by the time they returned to Europe. Heroes.

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Lightning In Dubai by Maxim Shatrov

Zola Jesus – In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix)

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Angel Of The Wind by Ranchforman

City and Colour – Northern Wind


Let’s make this quick (that’s what she said). I’ve finally been able to upload an image after weeks of frustration with the uploader, and being a busy bee elsewhere. I don’t have much information on Ranchforman as you can see by just the one link below. However, Angel of The Wind was good enough for me to attach a great track from City and Colour‘s new album Little Hell to, which was released this month. Northern Wind is a beautiful song that seems more suited to an Autumn evening, but it will have to supply your Summer needs for now. Links to both artists are below, and of course if you’d like an image or song featured then contact me via the About page…

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Alienation by Graziano Panfili

Metronomy – The Bay


A very quick post to acknowledge what is my favourite song of 2011 so far. The Bay by Metronomy is a stand-out track from their third album ‘The English Riviera.’ The song has a futuristic sound to it, but also one that reminds me of 80’s electronica. I found the Alienation project by Graziano Panfili, and it seems to grasp what I was looking for in a match. Much more information on both artists below…

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Seisia by Tim Barker


Continuing an upbeat theme, Sheffield’s Hey Sholay are a band to keep an eye on. Where some groups such as Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye have recently echoed a sound from the past (and not in a good way from my point of view), Hey Sholay seem to have got it right. It reminds me a lot of what The Zutons managed to do, the kind of music that you’ll remember and enjoy in a bar. Dreamboat shows off their skills, and is a great sing-a-long to enjoy. Influences they cite from include Takeshi’s Castle, and they dress as bears, so they could well become the greatest band in the world.

An image for the song had to reflect a sense of elation. There is also a background sound that appears to sound like a frog. Maybe I’ve gone mad, but I’m sure it’s there. It made me look for an element of water, and I came across Seisia by Tim Barker. Tim is an Australian photographer now based in London, and has taken many images from his travels. Being an award-winner, his work has given him several unique opportunities, and I especially like his live music photography. You can see that and find out more below…

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Good Day for The Lemon Farmer by Ronen Goldman


Time for a song to listen to when the sun is out, which is best provided by Vacationer. ‘Trip‘ is a bouncy tune from the little-known (so far) band who describe their genre of music as Nu-Hula. It starts off sounding like a 70’s comedy show sketch involving seagulls, and I’m struggling to remember any of those from memory. But from there it kicks into a great beat that keeps the track in your head for all the right reasons. It will be interesting to hear what else these guys come out with in future months.

Any matching image had to reflect the sunshine effect of the song. It’s filled with joy, much like ‘Good Day for The Lemon Farmer‘ by Ronen Goldman. As much as the farmer in the picture makes me want to run out and grab some lemons (definitely a euphemism), I do fear for his sanity…and hat. This image is part of Ronen’s Surrealistic Pillow Project, where there’s plenty more wonderful imagery for you to gaze upon. Links to both artists below…

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