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Dramatic Story by Ran Rankov

Ed Sheeran feat. Mikill Pane – Little Lady


Ed Sheeran was featured a few posts back, but this track as part of his A-Team Remixes bundle is worth posting up, possibly even more for Mikill Pane‘s contribution. On Little Lady their styles complement each other; it has the chorus hooks and memorable verses that you’d most recently relate to The Streets. It’s the kind of collaboration that will give Mikill more and more attention, the likes of which Ed is currently achieving, and it will be much deserved.

The issues in the song are easy to find an ideal image for. Ran Rankov from Bulgaria takes a lot of interesting photography, and I came across Dramatic Story from his galleries. I like the way he focuses in on the lady, as the blurred population appear to ignore her plight. You can view, listen, and read more about all those featured via links below…

Ed Sheeran info: Main SiteSoundCloudFacebookTwitterMyspace

Mikill Pane info: Main Site, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter

Ran Rankov info: Main Site, deviantArt, Facebook, Twitter


Everest Monk by Nicky Kelvin


Possibly two of the best artists I’ve featured so far are in this match-up. Firstly Ed Sheeran, a name you will become very familiar with over the next year or so. He’ll be so big, it’s the equivalent of you putting a coin into the Zoltan Fortune Teller machine and turning into Tom Hanks, but with stilts. Hints of Plan B and Jason Mraz in most of his songs so far, and I’ve selected his take on ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, which shows off his live singing ability more than his rapping. Having rustled up a huge cult following already, the recent signing to the larger labels means he’s a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to watch the YouTube performance via the handy link below, and get his EP for free on his website.

If that wasn’t enough, the photographer I’ve found to match the song is fantastic. Nicky Kelvin is traveling around the world, documenting with photography, and delivering results such as this Everest Monk. Nicky says:

“A large group of Tibetan monks stopped to relax at the top of a 5,000-meter pass, traveling toward the Mount Everest base camp. This monk seemed completely at peace as he floated above the breathtaking view.”

The combination works due to the powerful lyrics and the sense of loneliness Ed creates in his version of the song. Please look at Nicky’s galleries by clicking below, you’ll probably find something even better than this!

Ed Sheeran info: Main SiteSoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube Video

Nicky Kelvin info: Facebook, Flickr, WordPress Blog

Vineyard Sunset by Geoffrey Hudson

It’s always fantastic to find a new female vocal that can send shivers down your spine. Elena Tonra a.k.a. Daughter is just that, and hopefully about to burst on the scene. Based in London, she has released the ‘His Young Heart’ EP (available on Bandcamp), from which I have pulled out Landfill. The whole EP is a showcase for her vocal talent, and mirrors the potential I remember from Laura Marling’s first album ‘Alas, I Cannot Swim’.

Landfill is lyrically profound, and I wanted a sense of torment in any image I selected to match. Many lyrics depict the highs and lows of a relationship. When I came across Vineyard Sunset by Geoffrey Hudson I let out a little yelp of joy (imagine a hamster who is joyous if you will). The sky is apocalyptic, in contrast to the beautiful vineyard on the ground. When I gave a second listen to the song along with the image, it was time to blog. Geoffrey has even more landscape and seascape photography on his site, so check out both artists via links below…

Daughter info: SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, Bandcamp

Geoffrey Hudson info: Main Site

The Batak by Joenneffer Agdeppa

Bravestation have been on my radar for several months now, but as they’re embarking on a UK tour it makes sense to raise awareness. The Canadian band formed in Toronto while working on an end of year demo project at a recording school for the arts. ‘White Wolves’ is the stand-out track from them so far, which has signs of extreme potential. You can find all the tour dates on their websites below.

This was a bit of a hard one to match an image to. I eventually settled on looking for an action shot, and the idea of simply placing a picture of white wolves would have been lazy. I found ‘The Batak’ by Joenneffer Agdeppa, which matched the action/hunting nature I was looking for. The song is quite intense, and this is captured within the stance of the hunter (he looks like he could kill the sun). I couldn’t find much information on Joenneffer, but I did find this:

“The Batak, which means ‘mountain people’ in Cuyonon, is a group of indigenous Filipino people that resides in the northeast portion of Palawan, Philippines. They live in the rugged interiors of northeastern Palawan. Living close to nature, they are a peaceful and shy people. Situated in Southeast Asia, the Bataks are the smallest of the three major Palawan groups. They also appear to be the most endangered, their population having progressively decreased over the years.”

Bravestation info: Myspace, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook

Eminence by Kim Mennen


It’s unusual for me to pick up on a song because it has appeared in the chart. However, this came out of nowhere; so much so that there is very little out there on the web about Birdy. She’s only fourteen apparently, but her voice and selection to cover Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’ are perfection. Let’s hope not too much pressure builds up on her shoulders as it rises up the chart, and she’s given time to produce more songs of this quality.

My usual approach to finding an appropriate song was thrown out the window a bit with this one. I decided to just keep repeating the song while going through some of my favourite site links instead. Finally I found ‘Eminence’ by Kim Mennen, which has made the Sony Photograph Awards shortlist in the Fashion category. From the site:

“Transcending boundaries of sexuality using the androgynous male form. Submersed in the physically liberating environment of water, enabled the model to use his garments with fluidity to create a dream-like reality.”

Eminence seems to match the pace of the piano in Skinny Love; in a way the photograph depicts a bird in flight, a fit for the flow of the last minute of the song. There are much more shots below and above water on Kim Mennen’s unusual photography website. Links to both artists are below…

Birdy info: Buy on iTunes

Kim Mennen info: Main Site, Sony Shortlist Site

Urban Frontier by Gary Stubelick


Alex Winston is a singer-songwriter from Detroit, who is being tipped by many as someone to look out for in 2011. Her vocals are very reminiscent of Kate Bush, which can only be a good thing. Behind it on her latest track, ‘Locomotive’, is an upbeat pop tempo that might just push her into some more (much deserved) radio airplay. Currently touring in America, she hits UK shores in mid-May.

Locomotive is happy/bouncy. And to be honest, I don’t usually associate trains with both those words. I’ve been on too many! National Geographic once again was a great resource for finding an appropriate picture though. I found ‘Urban Frontier’ by Gary Stubelick on the Top Shots site (link below). The shot captures the upbeat nature of the song with the sparklers and light. Also, the idea of moving in the song is matched by the bike itself. “I like to utilize common objects to create an extraordinary event,” says Stubelick, who used sparklers and a prolonged exposure to “paint” this bicycle and stairs with light. Gary has used this theme on many more objects and vehicles to great success. You can find out more about the featured artists below…

Alex Winston info on: Myspcace,, Buy on iTunes

Gary Stubelick info on: NG Top Shot, deviantArt