Tim Barker’s Dreamboat

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Indie, Music, Photography, Rock
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Seisia by Tim Barker


Continuing an upbeat theme, Sheffield’s Hey Sholay are a band to keep an eye on. Where some groups such as Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye have recently echoed a sound from the past (and not in a good way from my point of view), Hey Sholay seem to have got it right. It reminds me a lot of what The Zutons managed to do, the kind of music that you’ll remember and enjoy in a bar. Dreamboat shows off their skills, and is a great sing-a-long to enjoy. Influences they cite from include Takeshi’s Castle, and they dress as bears, so they could well become the greatest band in the world.

An image for the song had to reflect a sense of elation. There is also a background sound that appears to sound like a frog. Maybe I’ve gone mad, but I’m sure it’s there. It made me look for an element of water, and I came across Seisia by Tim Barker. Tim is an Australian photographer now based in London, and has taken many images from his travels. Being an award-winner, his work has given him several unique opportunities, and I especially like his live music photography. You can see that and find out more below…

Hey Sholay info: Myspace, Facebook, last.fm, Twitter, SoundCloud

Tim Barker info: Main Site


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