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Dramatic Story by Ran Rankov

Ed Sheeran feat. Mikill Pane – Little Lady


Ed Sheeran was featured a few posts back, but this track as part of his A-Team Remixes bundle is worth posting up, possibly even more for Mikill Pane‘s contribution. On Little Lady their styles complement each other; it has the chorus hooks and memorable verses that you’d most recently relate to The Streets. It’s the kind of collaboration that will give Mikill more and more attention, the likes of which Ed is currently achieving, and it will be much deserved.

The issues in the song are easy to find an ideal image for. Ran Rankov from Bulgaria takes a lot of interesting photography, and I came across Dramatic Story from his galleries. I like the way he focuses in on the lady, as the blurred population appear to ignore her plight. You can view, listen, and read more about all those featured via links below…

Ed Sheeran info: Main SiteSoundCloudFacebookTwitterMyspace

Mikill Pane info: Main Site, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter

Ran Rankov info: Main Site, deviantArt, Facebook, Twitter


Everest Monk by Nicky Kelvin


Possibly two of the best artists I’ve featured so far are in this match-up. Firstly Ed Sheeran, a name you will become very familiar with over the next year or so. He’ll be so big, it’s the equivalent of you putting a coin into the Zoltan Fortune Teller machine and turning into Tom Hanks, but with stilts. Hints of Plan B and Jason Mraz in most of his songs so far, and I’ve selected his take on ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, which shows off his live singing ability more than his rapping. Having rustled up a huge cult following already, the recent signing to the larger labels means he’s a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to watch the YouTube performance via the handy link below, and get his EP for free on his website.

If that wasn’t enough, the photographer I’ve found to match the song is fantastic. Nicky Kelvin is traveling around the world, documenting with photography, and delivering results such as this Everest Monk. Nicky says:

“A large group of Tibetan monks stopped to relax at the top of a 5,000-meter pass, traveling toward the Mount Everest base camp. This monk seemed completely at peace as he floated above the breathtaking view.”

The combination works due to the powerful lyrics and the sense of loneliness Ed creates in his version of the song. Please look at Nicky’s galleries by clicking below, you’ll probably find something even better than this!

Ed Sheeran info: Main SiteSoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube Video

Nicky Kelvin info: Facebook, Flickr, WordPress Blog