Good Day For Vacationer’s Lemon

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Indie, Music, Photography
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Good Day for The Lemon Farmer by Ronen Goldman


Time for a song to listen to when the sun is out, which is best provided by Vacationer. ‘Trip‘ is a bouncy tune from the little-known (so far) band who describe their genre of music as Nu-Hula. It starts off sounding like a 70’s comedy show sketch involving seagulls, and I’m struggling to remember any of those from memory. But from there it kicks into a great beat that keeps the track in your head for all the right reasons. It will be interesting to hear what else these guys come out with in future months.

Any matching image had to reflect the sunshine effect of the song. It’s filled with joy, much like ‘Good Day for The Lemon Farmer‘ by Ronen Goldman. As much as the farmer in the picture makes me want to run out and grab some lemons (definitely a euphemism), I do fear for his sanity…and hat. This image is part of Ronen’s Surrealistic Pillow Project, where there’s plenty more wonderful imagery for you to gaze upon. Links to both artists below…

Vacationer info: Main Site, Facebook, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Myspace

Ronen Goldman info: Main Site, Facebook


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