Alienation by Graziano Panfili

Metronomy – The Bay


A very quick post to acknowledge what is my favourite song of 2011 so far. The Bay by Metronomy is a stand-out track from their third album ‘The English Riviera.’ The song has a futuristic sound to it, but also one that reminds me of 80’s electronica. I found the Alienation project by Graziano Panfili, and it seems to grasp what I was looking for in a match. Much more information on both artists below…

Metronomy info: Main Site, Myspace, Buy on iTunes,, Twitter, Facebook

Graziano Panfili info: Main Site, Premioceleste 


Seisia by Tim Barker


Continuing an upbeat theme, Sheffield’s Hey Sholay are a band to keep an eye on. Where some groups such as Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye have recently echoed a sound from the past (and not in a good way from my point of view), Hey Sholay seem to have got it right. It reminds me a lot of what The Zutons managed to do, the kind of music that you’ll remember and enjoy in a bar. Dreamboat shows off their skills, and is a great sing-a-long to enjoy. Influences they cite from include Takeshi’s Castle, and they dress as bears, so they could well become the greatest band in the world.

An image for the song had to reflect a sense of elation. There is also a background sound that appears to sound like a frog. Maybe I’ve gone mad, but I’m sure it’s there. It made me look for an element of water, and I came across Seisia by Tim Barker. Tim is an Australian photographer now based in London, and has taken many images from his travels. Being an award-winner, his work has given him several unique opportunities, and I especially like his live music photography. You can see that and find out more below…

Hey Sholay info: Myspace, Facebook,, Twitter, SoundCloud

Tim Barker info: Main Site

Good Day for The Lemon Farmer by Ronen Goldman


Time for a song to listen to when the sun is out, which is best provided by Vacationer. ‘Trip‘ is a bouncy tune from the little-known (so far) band who describe their genre of music as Nu-Hula. It starts off sounding like a 70’s comedy show sketch involving seagulls, and I’m struggling to remember any of those from memory. But from there it kicks into a great beat that keeps the track in your head for all the right reasons. It will be interesting to hear what else these guys come out with in future months.

Any matching image had to reflect the sunshine effect of the song. It’s filled with joy, much like ‘Good Day for The Lemon Farmer‘ by Ronen Goldman. As much as the farmer in the picture makes me want to run out and grab some lemons (definitely a euphemism), I do fear for his sanity…and hat. This image is part of Ronen’s Surrealistic Pillow Project, where there’s plenty more wonderful imagery for you to gaze upon. Links to both artists below…

Vacationer info: Main Site, Facebook, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Myspace

Ronen Goldman info: Main Site, Facebook

Homeless by Chan Kwok Hung


With news released of a debut album on the 13th June, Marcus Foster is someone I’d like to feature. The album, ‘Nameless Path‘, promises to worth the wait from what I’ve heard so far. To be honest, half the time I haven’t got a clue what he’s singing, but it sounds great! There’s an acquired darkness to his voice that has similarities to Tom Waits, which you can hear in ‘Circle In The Square.’ To launch the record, he will play two nights at London’s Barfly on the 13th and 14th June, so visit his sites to grab some cheap tickets before he becomes massive (and expensive)!

Homeless by Chan Kwok Hung is a powerful image I’ve been wanting to use for quite a while, but the right song just hasn’t turned up until now. The tragedy in the photograph is suited so well to the music; I didn’t need much else of an excuse to use it. About the image, Chan says:

“Taken in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, two little children living with their grandmother on the street nearby the junk yard, everyday in the evening, they look for some useful thing inside the junk yard they can resell for money, but if they found nothing, they would be punished seriously!”

It’s a heartbreaking reality you wouldn’t wish on anyone, but it takes photographers like Chan to bring something like this to the forefront of our minds. He has been hailed by many competitions for his other photography, especially within action and sports genres, so visit the rest of his work via links below…

Marcus Foster info: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Buy on iTunes

Chan Kwok Hung info: WPO Page

Pigeons by Evan McGlinn


A good break from a recent string of singer-songwriters now. Apparat (real name Sascha Ring) is a German act that’s been in the music business for a while now, as he also co-owns a record label. I’m interested in his most recent release ‘Ash/Black Veil’, which is an exciting tease for an album likely to be released in the next few months. Considering he started his career within the dance/techno genre, the transition to a more ambient/classical area has been a successful move.

This sounds a strange thing to say about any song, but this screamed birds at me (well maybe ‘Surfin’ Bird’ does as well, literally screaming). Each flickering beat corresponds to the frenetic flapping of a bird taking flight. If that isn’t enough, there’s even the odd chirp that kicks in later on in the song. I wanted an image that grasped the pace of the song as well. Having already noticed another photograph by Evan McGlinn, a visit to his website found this photograph capturing pigeons in Paris. I also like the idea of the pigeons above judging the ones below who have to rush from their spot. As usual, feel free to visit both artists via their links below…

Apparat info: Main Site, Facebook, Twitter,, Myspace, Buy on iTunes

Evan McGlinn info: Main Site, Photography Site, Facebook, Twitter

Bayaka Honey Gatherer by Timothy Allen

Click here to play the matching song for the image (the audio will open in a new tab for you)

Timothy Allen‘s work has taken him all around the globe. In the process, he has photographed some of the planet’s rarest and most interesting indigenous societies. It had been a while since I’d last ‘checked-in’ on his site, but it was one of his latest entries on the ‘Bayaka Honey Gatherer’ that took my interest. The image above is brilliant, as it shows one of the honey gatherers starting a smokey fire at the base of a tree. Below is the feature on the BBC ‘Human Planet’ series:

To match the image I’ve picked out one of my favourite songs. Elusive by Scott Matthews was released back in 2006, and even won him an Ivor Novello Award. With just one listen you will begin to understand why. The track picks up the smokiness of the picture with an absorbing musical production, and both have a hint of voodoo in them (but maybe that’s just me). Enjoy both artists, and visit their sites via their links below…

Scott Matthews info: Main Site, Facebook, Myspace,, Buy on iTunes

Timothy Allen info: Honey Gatherer Blog, Main Site

Everest Monk by Nicky Kelvin


Possibly two of the best artists I’ve featured so far are in this match-up. Firstly Ed Sheeran, a name you will become very familiar with over the next year or so. He’ll be so big, it’s the equivalent of you putting a coin into the Zoltan Fortune Teller machine and turning into Tom Hanks, but with stilts. Hints of Plan B and Jason Mraz in most of his songs so far, and I’ve selected his take on ‘Wayfaring Stranger’, which shows off his live singing ability more than his rapping. Having rustled up a huge cult following already, the recent signing to the larger labels means he’s a force to be reckoned with. Make sure to watch the YouTube performance via the handy link below, and get his EP for free on his website.

If that wasn’t enough, the photographer I’ve found to match the song is fantastic. Nicky Kelvin is traveling around the world, documenting with photography, and delivering results such as this Everest Monk. Nicky says:

“A large group of Tibetan monks stopped to relax at the top of a 5,000-meter pass, traveling toward the Mount Everest base camp. This monk seemed completely at peace as he floated above the breathtaking view.”

The combination works due to the powerful lyrics and the sense of loneliness Ed creates in his version of the song. Please look at Nicky’s galleries by clicking below, you’ll probably find something even better than this!

Ed Sheeran info: Main SiteSoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube Video

Nicky Kelvin info: Facebook, Flickr, WordPress Blog