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Looking Out by Claudia Cooper

Disclosure – Flow

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Between Light And Nowhere by Martin Stranka

As you can see on the ‘About’ page, I am very happy to take on the odd request. That’s exactly what Lovemummy sent me, asking for an image match to one of their songs. ‘Hollowed Out Calling’ is the track that stood out, perhaps mostly because it sounds similar to Radiohead (always a good thing, unless you hate Radiohead, which is illegal).

To match the song I stumbled easily across ‘Between Light And Nowhere’ by Martin Stranka. The song (and title) is eerie, and to me resembles the idea of an out-of-body experience. The model’s body propelled through the air catches the idea of weightlessness as well. Even the golden tinge to the image can be found subtly in the lyrics of the song. I could have cropped the image down in size, but that would destroy what is a fantastic creation by Martin. There is plenty more of this particular style of photography on Martin’s pages, with expert use of light and dark colouring. Show your appreciation by visiting both Lovemummy and Martin Stranka’s websites via links below…

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Bleak December by Ivan Murdzhev

Bill Callahan is perhaps most known for his work under the moniker ‘Smog’ between 1990 and 2005. One of my own personal favourites during this time was ‘Vessel In Vain’ (from the ‘Supper’ album), which went on to feature in the sublime film Dead Man’s Shoes (watch it immediately, but only after reading/listening to this of course). ‘Baby’s Breath’ is a stand-out track from his new album ‘Apocalypse’, which is due out on April 19th. As you’ll hear, he’s not one you’d play at a party, more so that album you lend to your friend that you’ll never get back.

This has an American desert road undertone to it, and I didn’t want to just put up a cowboy looking wistfully into the sunset on top (as much as I love a stetson). ‘Bleak December’ by Ivan Murdzhev is a suitable alternative that works even better. It’s as dark as the song, especially the man coming into focus, and the harsh cold of the picture puts it that one notch higher. There’s no doubting that Ivan knows how to frame the shot, and he photographs many more interesting pieces which you can view via the links below…

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Thrash by Nick Chao

There’s been a small wait for new Friendly Fires material, and it’s been worth it. ‘Live Those Days Tonight’ is the first single from ‘Pala’ (out May 16th), and here’s hoping it follows up the quality of their self-titled debut from 2008. It got them a Mercury Music Prize nomination, supporting their position as one of the best British bands around right now.

The song is extremely vibrant and I originally went searching for some kind of Brazilian Carnival image. Nothing really stood out to match the pulsing beat and short moments where it slows down. However, ‘Thrash’ by Nick Chao does do this, with the ferocity of the wave and the slow-motion flow effect of the dress. As usual I could list superlatives for this image, but simply put, it’s superb, and you should invest time in both artists via the links below…

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Splashing Fun Time by Alex Goh

It’s always great to find an unsigned act that have huge potential. StaG are a duo from California (which you can kind of pick up from the music style), and have similarities to Animal Collective. ‘Offwise’ is one of their best tracks, and has a comfy beach vibe to it, which can’t bring summer soon enough. They have a few songs out there on the web, so listen to this and check out the rest via the links below.

Of course with a beach and ocean feel, I went looking for some photography involving water, especially rain. Very quickly I found ‘Splashing Fun Time’ by Alex Goh via the World Photography Organisation. I love this image for all the happiness it captures, and makes me want to be there with my bucket (note to self: must buy bucket). Not much explaining to do here, it just works with the music. Even though the image is still, the music makes it feel like slow motion. Alex says this about the image:

“This group of children was having a blast splashing about in the waterfall. With their melodious laughter permeating the air, even I could not resist the temptation of joining them in their merry fun.”

StaG info: SoundCloud, Myspace, Bandcamp

Alex Goh info: WorldPhoto, Personal Site, Multiply

Aeroporto by Paulo Sacramento

Click to play: Ludovico Einaudi – Behind The Window (Opens in a new window, but this one looks nicer!)

This has been a song request that I’ve been searching to match an image to for a while now. ‘Behind The Window’ by Ludovico Einaudi is a beautiful track from the album ‘Echoes’, and all his catalogue of classical music should already be on your iTunes if you call yourself someone who follows the genre.

I was given specific details for finding an image, with preferably someone looking out of a train window (the ebb and flow of the music is similar to train motion). However, while making what proved to be a difficult search I found ‘Aeroporto’ by Paulo Sacramento, which also fitted the brief. It’s all about the one man standing, looking out from the empty gate, towards what could well be a loved one in a plane… Or he’s simply making plane noises as he watches them take off from the runway (ruined it now). But there’s no doubt that Paulo has a lot of talent just from this one photograph, and you should certainly check out more of his work via the links below…

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Paulo Sacramento info: Main SiteFlickr

Eminence by Kim Mennen


It’s unusual for me to pick up on a song because it has appeared in the chart. However, this came out of nowhere; so much so that there is very little out there on the web about Birdy. She’s only fourteen apparently, but her voice and selection to cover Bon Iver’s ‘Skinny Love’ are perfection. Let’s hope not too much pressure builds up on her shoulders as it rises up the chart, and she’s given time to produce more songs of this quality.

My usual approach to finding an appropriate song was thrown out the window a bit with this one. I decided to just keep repeating the song while going through some of my favourite site links instead. Finally I found ‘Eminence’ by Kim Mennen, which has made the Sony Photograph Awards shortlist in the Fashion category. From the site:

“Transcending boundaries of sexuality using the androgynous male form. Submersed in the physically liberating environment of water, enabled the model to use his garments with fluidity to create a dream-like reality.”

Eminence seems to match the pace of the piano in Skinny Love; in a way the photograph depicts a bird in flight, a fit for the flow of the last minute of the song. There are much more shots below and above water on Kim Mennen’s unusual photography website. Links to both artists are below…

Birdy info: Buy on iTunes

Kim Mennen info: Main Site, Sony Shortlist Site