Apparat’s Black Veil Of Pigeons

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Classical, Indie, Music, Photography
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Pigeons by Evan McGlinn


A good break from a recent string of singer-songwriters now. Apparat (real name Sascha Ring) is a German act that’s been in the music business for a while now, as he also co-owns a record label. I’m interested in his most recent release ‘Ash/Black Veil’, which is an exciting tease for an album likely to be released in the next few months. Considering he started his career within the dance/techno genre, the transition to a more ambient/classical area has been a successful move.

This sounds a strange thing to say about any song, but this screamed birds at me (well maybe ‘Surfin’ Bird’ does as well, literally screaming). Each flickering beat corresponds to the frenetic flapping of a bird taking flight. If that isn’t enough, there’s even the odd chirp that kicks in later on in the song. I wanted an image that grasped the pace of the song as well. Having already noticed another photograph by Evan McGlinn, a visit to his website found this photograph capturing pigeons in Paris. I also like the idea of the pigeons above judging the ones below who have to rush from their spot. As usual, feel free to visit both artists via their links below…

Apparat info: Main Site, Facebook, Twitter,, Myspace, Buy on iTunes

Evan McGlinn info: Main Site, Photography Site, Facebook, Twitter


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