The Batak And White Wolves

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Indie, Music, Photography, Pop
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The Batak by Joenneffer Agdeppa

Bravestation have been on my radar for several months now, but as they’re embarking on a UK tour it makes sense to raise awareness. The Canadian band formed in Toronto while working on an end of year demo project at a recording school for the arts. ‘White Wolves’ is the stand-out track from them so far, which has signs of extreme potential. You can find all the tour dates on their websites below.

This was a bit of a hard one to match an image to. I eventually settled on looking for an action shot, and the idea of simply placing a picture of white wolves would have been lazy. I found ‘The Batak’ by Joenneffer Agdeppa, which matched the action/hunting nature I was looking for. The song is quite intense, and this is captured within the stance of the hunter (he looks like he could kill the sun). I couldn’t find much information on Joenneffer, but I did find this:

“The Batak, which means ‘mountain people’ in Cuyonon, is a group of indigenous Filipino people that resides in the northeast portion of Palawan, Philippines. They live in the rugged interiors of northeastern Palawan. Living close to nature, they are a peaceful and shy people. Situated in Southeast Asia, the Bataks are the smallest of the three major Palawan groups. They also appear to be the most endangered, their population having progressively decreased over the years.”

Bravestation info: Myspace, Bandcamp, Twitter, Facebook

  1. themescape says:

    To add, a nice message from the band about the post and meaning of the song:

    “Not sure if you’re familiar with the synopsis for White Wolves, but the picture you chose fits perfectly: White Wolves was written right in the heart of the torrid Canadian winter. Thematically, it depicts a changing of the times and a modern civilization decimated by strife and uncertainty, resulting in the division of society into tribes. Characterized by its mystic quality and musical polarity, the song captures both a dark emotional intensity and warm radiance that emanates love and hope.”

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