Bleak December For Bill Callahan

Posted: March 28, 2011 in Art, Folk, Music, Photography
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Bleak December by Ivan Murdzhev

Bill Callahan is perhaps most known for his work under the moniker ‘Smog’ between 1990 and 2005. One of my own personal favourites during this time was ‘Vessel In Vain’ (from the ‘Supper’ album), which went on to feature in the sublime film Dead Man’s Shoes (watch it immediately, but only after reading/listening to this of course). ‘Baby’s Breath’ is a stand-out track from his new album ‘Apocalypse’, which is due out on April 19th. As you’ll hear, he’s not one you’d play at a party, more so that album you lend to your friend that you’ll never get back.

This has an American desert road undertone to it, and I didn’t want to just put up a cowboy looking wistfully into the sunset on top (as much as I love a stetson). ‘Bleak December’ by Ivan Murdzhev is a suitable alternative that works even better. It’s as dark as the song, especially the man coming into focus, and the harsh cold of the picture puts it that one notch higher. There’s no doubting that Ivan knows how to frame the shot, and he photographs many more interesting pieces which you can view via the links below…

Bill Callahan info: Buy on iTunes,, Smog Myspace

Ivan Murdzhev info: deviantART, Facebook


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