Thrash With New Friendly Fires

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Art, Indie, Music, Photography, Water
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Thrash by Nick Chao

There’s been a small wait for new Friendly Fires material, and it’s been worth it. ‘Live Those Days Tonight’ is the first single from ‘Pala’ (out May 16th), and here’s hoping it follows up the quality of their self-titled debut from 2008. It got them a Mercury Music Prize nomination, supporting their position as one of the best British bands around right now.

The song is extremely vibrant and I originally went searching for some kind of Brazilian Carnival image. Nothing really stood out to match the pulsing beat and short moments where it slows down. However, ‘Thrash’ by Nick Chao does do this, with the ferocity of the wave and the slow-motion flow effect of the dress. As usual I could list superlatives for this image, but simply put, it’s superb, and you should invest time in both artists via the links below…

Friendly Fires info: Buy on iTunes, Official Site, Myspace,

Nick Chao info: Flickr, deviantART site


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