Splashing Fun With StaG

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Art, Indie, Music, Photography, Water
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Splashing Fun Time by Alex Goh

It’s always great to find an unsigned act that have huge potential. StaG are a duo from California (which you can kind of pick up from the music style), and have similarities to Animal Collective. ‘Offwise’ is one of their best tracks, and has a comfy beach vibe to it, which can’t bring summer soon enough. They have a few songs out there on the web, so listen to this and check out the rest via the links below.

Of course with a beach and ocean feel, I went looking for some photography involving water, especially rain. Very quickly I found ‘Splashing Fun Time’ by Alex Goh via the World Photography Organisation. I love this image for all the happiness it captures, and makes me want to be there with my bucket (note to self: must buy bucket). Not much explaining to do here, it just works with the music. Even though the image is still, the music makes it feel like slow motion. Alex says this about the image:

“This group of children was having a blast splashing about in the waterfall. With their melodious laughter permeating the air, even I could not resist the temptation of joining them in their merry fun.”

StaG info: SoundCloud, Myspace, Bandcamp

Alex Goh info: WorldPhoto, Personal Site, Multiply

  1. andrew says:

    good find, this band is awesome. keep spreading the word and their songs!

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