Forget The Happy Couple

Posted: March 10, 2011 in Art, Indie, Live, Love, Music, Photography
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Happy Couple by Rae Marshall


There’s been a lot of blogs talking about Oupa, the alias for Yuck frontman Daniel Blumberg. Mostly focused on the track ‘Forget’, which is worth the hype (despite minor recording flaws). There is set to be a seven-track album release some time this summer, which is likely to be better than anything Yuck produce (unfortunately for the other bandmates, whoops)! Oupa will be performing in London and New York over these next couple of months.

The song lyrics have strong angst and love themes, and the music is delicate, which for an image to support needs to be quite simple with the message. ‘Happy Couple’ by Rae Marshall seems to match. I like the bags on the heads, with the idea that sometimes they don’t see eye-to-eye, but the holding hands still makes them strong as a couple. Also, the colours are mellow, otherwise they’d be too strong for the song. Rae has a lot more photography and portfolio themes on her website (including more bag on head images…Win)! Links to both artists are below…

Oupa info: Main Site, SoundCloud, Yuck Myspace

Rae Marshall info: deviantART, Facebook Site, Main Site


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