Stargazing with Max Richter

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Art, Classical, Music, Night, Photography
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Shooting The Stars by James Karinejad

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Changing back round to a relatively new piece of art/photography and then matching the music. This photograph by James Karinejad is one I’ve been wanting put up recently. He took this shot in the very early hours of the night in Greece, having very little experience of astrophotography. There are so many elements in the picture that work though, which are all down to the skill of the photographer. I could go on and on about many features in the picture, but there is one small detail that stands out for me, and that’s the one swing that is actually in motion.

It’s that one swing that kept throwing me off several music choices, most of them classical. The majority of the photograph seems upbeat and light, with the perfect sky and stars. But it is that one swing, which can convey a sense of emptiness, that led me to select On The Nature of Daylight by Max Richter as the accompanying music. It seems to capture the beauty of the sky above, and the vacancy of the swing. You can listen to more songs by Max Richter, and find out more about how James Karinejad took this picture via the links below…

Max Richter info on: Buy on iTunes, Myspace,

James Karinejad info on: James’ Blog, Main Site, Flickr

  1. i love on the nature of daylight. sense of desolation in the photo matches the music. great choice.

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