Star Slinger – Mornin’

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Art, Hip Hop, Landscape, Music, Photography, R&B
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Morning Mist by DSent


He’s been described as “one of the most innovative artists in the current UK music scene.” That would be why Darren Williams, a.k.a. Star Slinger, is my choice to post up today. Based in Manchester, he’s putting his production skills into good use by cutting and mixing some old hits he’s scoured for in second-hand record shops. The thing that makes Mornin’ stand out is a fantastic beat. Taken from the album ‘Volume 1’, it kicks things off for an artist with amazing potential.

The song for obvious reasons has a morning vibe, and oozes sunshine. I was looking for some kind of breakfast with sun breaking through, but then came across ‘Morning Mist’ by DSent. He’s from Estonia, but this image is actually taken in Montenegro. It’s framed superbly, and the mist really makes the sun and colour of the flowers in the foreground stand out. For me, it matched the upbeat element the music provides. Check out both artists below…

Star Slinger info on: Official Site, Myspace, Bandcamp, Buy on iTunes

DSent info on: deviantART


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