Cold War Kids

Posted: February 19, 2011 in Indie, Music, Photography
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Bali Beach Party by Dollydaydream


Perhaps one of the most underrated bands around right now are Cold War Kids. Hailing from Long Beach, California, these guys have put out a couple of great albums over recent years. Most notably their newest, ‘Mine Is Yours’, which if you don’t have already, go buy it now! The track I’ve picked out from that album is ‘Finally Begin’, and can be described as something you’d expect to be on The O.C. soundtrack. They’re currently in the UK touring (I’m seeing them myself in London), and really are worth my fuss!

As mentioned, this song has a real Californian vibe to it. I’m thinking beaches, parties, the ocean, and maybe the odd dash of alcohol. Lights feel important, especially in the lyrics, so I went looking for some kind of sunset, beach, nightlife selection for an image. I found this, ‘Bali Beach Party’, by Phil (a.k.a. Dollydaydream) from the West Midlands of the UK. It features all that I was looking for (minus the alcohol), and importantly, the only thing that has been tampered with from the original is a bit of contrast. Perfect! Check out Phil and Cold War Kids below…

Cold War Kids info on: Official Site, Myspace, Buy on iTunes

Dollydaydream info on: deviantART


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