Teenage Bad Girl

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Art, Music, Photography
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New Year in Seattle by Siddhartha Saha


Upon listening, Teenage Bad Girl are what you expect them to be… French. But of course this is a good thing, as they have brought us the likes of Air and Daft Punk. The latter being of significant comparison, with a hint of Justice in there for good measure. What makes Teenage Bad Girl stand out from the rest of the crowd is the ability to constantly churn out tracks that will get a club crowd on the dancefloor. ‘Keep Up With You’ does exactly that, with a nice vocal on top. Expect a new album very soon.

‘Keep Up With You’, like most dance and electro songs, have a night feeling to them, and the club lighting also associated. I went looking for some club shots and nothing really stuck out. I then went back to basics and remembered a shot I saw in the latest National Geographic magazine by Siddhartha Saha. He won the reader’s choice selection for the month for his photograph of the Perseid meteor shower. I had a good look at his own site and discovered this photograph in Seattle at New Year. The fireworks give both the night and light feel I was looking for. The kind of party that Teenage Bad Girl are looking for!

Teenage Bad Girl info on: Myspace

Siddhartha Saha info on: Main Site, Photo Blog

  1. Ann says:

    Cool tune!!!!

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